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The Virginia Department of Public Utilities (VPU), located in Virginia, Minnesota, is a city-owned entity which has been serving the City of Virginia since 1913.  The Department of Public Utilities Commission governs the VPU.  The Commission and employees strive to provide the citizens of Virginia with quality products and superior customer service at reasonable rates.

The Utility produces electricity and steam with its co-generating facility, it has a state-of-the-art water treatment plant that produces high quality water, and it sells natural gas.

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Online Bill Pay


To pay your bill online see our Contact Us/Bill Pay page for more details.
Effective 8/1/21, the charge assessed for all payments made using a credit/debit card will increase from 2.75% to 2.9%. Payments made directly through a checking/savings account will remain free of charge.


The mission of the Virginia Department of Public Utilities is to function as a municipal utility and provide our customers with safe, reliable and quality long term electric, water, gas and steam. The products and services will continue to be provided in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.
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Equal Pay Info

We offer the option of setting up an Equal Payment Plan if you have been a customer for longer than 12 months in April. For more information see our Rates and Procedures page.
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imageIf you are a new customer see our Rates and Procedures page for information about applying for service, deposit requirements, and rates.  See our Forms page for Application for Service forms.

Contact us at if you have questions or comments.

If you are interested in Employment opportunities see our Employment Page.


A telephone scam that has been affecting the country has now been reported in Minnesota.  In this criminal activity, an individual will call a customer of a utility company and represent that they are calling from the company.  To avoid disconnection the customer is told they must pay this “overdue utility bill” by means of an on-line payment service or a prepaid credit card.  Of course, the funds are, in fact, directed to the scam artist’s operation.

If you are suspicious of any call threatening disconnection and demanding immediate payment, hang up and directly call the utility office at 748-7540 to verify the validity of the call.  You may read the full article published by the MPUC by clicking on this link http://mn.gov/puc/documents/pdf_files/014393.pdf


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