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Virginia Public Utilities Commission members:



Pictured Top Row from left to right: Bruce Johnson and Jeff Marwick
Second Row Left to Right: James Petroskey
Not Pictured:  James Makowsky and Thomas Teasck

Secretary - James Petroskey                                        Commissioner - James Makowsky
Term Expires - February 2024                                      Term Expires - February 2023
President - Jeff Marwick                                                Commissioner - Thomas Teasck
Term Expires - February 2022                                       Term Expires - February 2023
Vice-President - Bruce Johnson                                     City Council Liason - Charlie Baribeau
Term Expires - February 2022                                                                        Maija Biondich

Commission meeting minutes:      COMMISSION meeting AGENDAS:

January Minutes                                                January Agenda     
February Minutes                                              February Agenda                    
March Minutes                                                   March Agenda                                                
April Minutes                                                     April Agenda
May Minutes                                                      May Agenda
June Minutes                                                     June Agenda  Committee of the Whole           
July Minutes                                                      July Agenda   
August Minutes                                                  August Agenda
September Minutes                                           September Agenda  
October Minutes                                                October Agenda  
November Minutes                                            November Agenda   
December Minutes                                            December Agenda  Finance Committee

Virginia Public Utilities Commission meets the fourth Monday of each month at 3:30 P.M. at the Virginia Department of Public Utilities office located at 618 2nd Street South, Virginia, MN 55792.

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